"ZapadVtorResursy" - processing of raw materials and the implementation of intrusion of equipment for processing sec of raw materials, non-standard equipment on order

About Us

Private enterprise "ZapadVtorResursy" works in Ivano-Frankivsk region in May 2006. The main activity of the company is harvesting and processing of recyclable materials (broken glass, mukulatury, scrap metal, plastics, polyethylene) and the production PROFESSIONAL equipment for processing waste with a view to their further use.

The issue of processing waste, and hence the preservation of waste pollution of the environment, it becomes increasingly important. Therefore, our company has chosen this direction.

Today PE "ZapadVtorResursy" offers the following equipment for processing recyclable materials:
- Line sorting of MSW (municipal solid waste)
- Drilling machines for PET bottles
- Crusher (grinder) for polymers
- Vertical and horizontal hydraulic presses

The main difference of our products from these on the market - this simple operation, low power consumption, speed of installation, availability of components and reasonable price.

The company also is working to develop other types of equipment for processing recyclable materials:
- Recovery of organic and polymer waste
- Crusher for polymer
- Line sorting of MSW (municipal solid waste) from the bunker pofraktsionnoy separation

We also accept orders for custom- equipment for certain raw materials